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Southbank Centre

Working with the Centre’s Digital Transformation Team, we set out to create a visual language that leads Southbank Centre and their audiences into the future. Purposeful, functional and unashamedly built on the expectation of a better future, enabled by new thinking and technologies, the new site will be rolled-out over the coming months

Devolved digital identity

The Southbank brand hierarchy needed to be consistently delivered across different user paths — in many cases more than three brands would be part of a typical user journey. A strict and reductive digital identity was created, enabling it to work harmoniously alongside varying venue and festival identities.

Explanatory Search

The guiding principals of the redesign — open, transformative, surprising, global and socially engaged — are echoed in the technological approach to content using linked and open data, in a user and learning-centric way. Search results are classified and aided by content suggestions in real time, encouraging discovery.

Explorative User Journeys

​We embraced the organisation’s complexity and made clear-links between related content wherever appropriate, in both an automated and curated manner. The interface is modelled on human interaction, opening the content up to a wider spectrum of users and enabling focused content delivery.

Resilient design

We united a focus on content and learning with the provision of service, keeping the narrative present at all time, aiding and encouraging users to reconnect and explore.

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