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E-commerce, Fashion

The all-new Whistles website is the latest iteration in the now 7th year of collaboration with one of the UK's most influential fashion labels. The new site is designed to be fully fluently responsive, driving sales and brand engagement through all devices.

E-commerce Website

The website for one of Britain's most highly acclaimed fashion icons was conceptualised and designed to bring together the product and the personality of the brand — creating the opportunity for the brand's unique voice and content to accompany a rich and fully-featured purchase journey.

Design and User experience, Strategy, Mobile strategy

The 2012 Whistles Advent Calendar is built around a short-term, fun interaction of revealing a daily prize or competition, socially driven through Twitter and Facebook. The reveal mechanism is tailored specifically to touch devices, which allow the user to realistically scratch free the prize area with their finger.

Mobile website, Design and User experience

The 2013 Whistles Advent Calendar is again built around a quick and addictive interaction revealing a daily prize , socially driven through social media. The 2013 reveal mechanism lets the user crack the ice by tapping on the phone's screen to reveal the daily prize.