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Whistles e-commerce website

The all-new Whistles website is the latest iteration in the now 7th year of collaboration with one of the UK's most influential fashion labels. The new site is designed to be fully fluently responsive, driving sales and brand engagement through all devices.

Fully Responsive E-commerce

The effortless visual stance of the brand is translated for all devices, not only visually but also from an interaction point of view.

fully responsive design for whistles.com

Device-specific design and interaction

For larger touch devices, for example, the transactional functionality stays visible at all times, whilst product imagery is simple to access.

Store Locator

The store locator includes the position of the user, making it quicker and easier to find the nearest outlet, particularly on mobile devices.

Editorialised route to product

In keeping with the brand's open and conversational stance, the website offers highly editorialised routes to the product, informative and engagingly presented.

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